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Five Finger Death Punch, SlipKnot, In This Moment, and Rise Against are my most favorite bands.


And to think I nearly didn’t reblog this


even gifs move more than i do

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I love this company already.


dude god could come down from heaven with a million angels and tell me that gif is pronounced “jif” and i still wouldn’t fucking do it

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I wonder if butterflies talk shit about each other

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life goals: become so hot people make fan blogs about me. 

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when people like and reblog your selfie (¬‿¬)

and tell you youre hot in the tags (¬‿¬)

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it really sucks when u grow apart from ur friends it’s undoubtably the worst

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I wish people would tell me what’s so horribly wrong with me. I can’t change what I don’t see.

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i thank the xkit guy every day for this button

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